Friday, April 27, 2012

Teething Necklace

Have you heard of Baltic Amber teething necklaces?!?
I hadn't until I saw my cousin's daughter walking around with a necklace and asked her about it.  So what did I do when my daughter was about 4 months old and drooling/starting to teethe? Bought her a necklace of course!  So what are they?  They are baby necklaces made of baltic amber beads that are individually knotted on so as not to cause a choking hazard if it were to break.  Baltic amber is a natural analgesic which is thought to numb the area to alleviate teething pain and reduce inflammation.  (They also make bracelets for adults for arthritis, etc)

I feel as if it's worked very well.  The first two teeth that came through, I didn't even know she was teething except for the red bottom that she got along with it!  I had heard HORROR stories of those children that had such hard times teething and was amazed at how well she acted.  I'm not willing to take it off however to see how well it's working but if she's not complaining...neither am I!

I know you can buy them online but I bought mine at a local natural family store.  Here's a link to one to check out (I know nothing about this site- just googled and linked to it)  I was told that the cloudy light yellow ones are the strongest...after I had purchased my daughters multi-colored stone one because I thought it was prettiest of course!

I should note however that my daughter is currently teething and having a hard time of it...BUT I think 3 teeth are coming in at once so I don't think much is going to cure that pain... :(  Like I said though, I'm not willing to take it off to see if her crankiness gets any worse!

UPDATE:  My sister informed me that she spoke with the people at the local boutique I bought mine at - CircleMe - and they said that the light, raw or cloudy stones are the strongest.  Also - if you're worried about them looking 'too girly' for your baby boy, check out the raw ones.  They look pretty studly on those handsome little boys!  :) 

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