Monday, July 23, 2012

Curtain tiebacks

I was trying to find some tiebacks other than either the ropes with tassels or the metal u-hooks that are commonly used today as neither of those styles really fit our house decor. I had purchased some jute ribbon for another project so thought I'd play with it a bit and see what I could come up with.

This is my final result and I think I'm pretty happy with it!  (Sorry the bay window picture isn't the best - hard to get a picture of the whole window because of the layout of the room)

Our bay window in the dining room
Family Room
I made 3 loops of the jute to make it a little more substantial. Mine in my family room are about 9 1/2" halved and on the bay window are closer to 8 1/2-9". Then I took the ends and tied them in a knot so that the ends would lay nice side to side & trimmed each end to about 1". And DONE! Simple as that I had new tiebacks! (after I did it 6 times for all my windows!)
Side window of bay window
Middle windows of bay window
I had to figure out how to hold the tie-back back, so I bought little bronze hooks from WalMart for about $5 for 2 I think, and they work just great!
Hook used to hold tie's back
Do you have any handy ideas you've used as tie backs? Any suggestions on improving mine?

Here are some ideas I found when I was looking on Pinterest:

  • Use an old doorknob to hold the curtains back.  Or you could buy one from here.


    1. Those tiebacks certainly look nice. And they don’t clash with the curtains, which is another good thing about them. At least now you can have natural light coming into the room if you’re just hanging out and not worrying about privacy that much. Have a good day!


    2. Thanks for your response Jamie! I'm glad you like them. I thought it helped make the fancier material a little more casual. Not sure if I achieved that or not but that was sort of my thinking at the time! :)